"That's All, Folks"

After managing to have a grader fuck up and somehow pass me, I’ve completed all three exams and would just like to say thanks to all the people on this board that helped me and others get through this grueling program. To those that got bad news today, best of luck to you next year - I’m sure you’ll kill it. Anyways, just wanted to say “thank you” and “goodbye” to the people who’ve battled this beast with me for the past several years - if anyone wants to get in touch, email np_skillionaire@yahoo.com. Again, thanks and best of luck to all. -Skillionaire Out

Skillionaire, we were on lv2 and lv3 and glad it is over now! Congratulations and all the best! to those who failed it, no big deal, you would only come back stronger. Keep the pace and study to your extreme next year knowing the feeling there is an end to this thing. Best luck to all

Dude ccongrats and good luck in your job search/starting your business.

Congrats man!

Hey guys, Many thanks for everything! I passed Level 3 today, and you really helped me make it!! hope will keep in touch with each other, my email is malekbg@yahoo.fr and my linkedIn is malek ben ghorbel! thanks again & again! M.

Congrats to all!

It’s been great skillz- keeps it sleasy and congrats! I need to do this one more time, oops. I’ll make sure that this place remains our kind of place.

Ah, and we never finished our discussion about limits, or whatever it was, on level II :-)) Congrats, skillionnaire! Best of luck for what happens next!

Thank you everyone. I might not be an active poster in AF but the AF really play a big part in my pursuit of the CFA designation. It always gave me motivation every time I run-out of dose of initiative in preparing for the past 3 examinations. Thank you guys! I hope for the best for this years CFA candidates.