The "0" key in my HP 12C is broken...

What a timing… It is covered under warranty but it is going to take 2 weeks to have it fixed. I should have bought the protection plan when I bought it at office depot… Just a little tip for those who are buying a new HP 12C… Damn! out goes my $100!!

It would be epic to take the broken calculator to the test and still pass. Everytime you need to enter “0” you should just manually get there, like +1 -1 lol

Don’t try to be a hero. Get or borrow a fully functional calculator. You will need it for L2 and L3 as well.

you got seriously ripped off if you bought that calculator for $100 from anywhere

I could have gotten it for $60 from amazon but due to time constraints I had to buy from office depot which I know it is a total rip off!!!