The 10 commandments...

Surprisingly there aren´t any comments yet on this (at least I didn´t find):

How dumb must one be to publish such a crap?

the guy was fired from Barclays, and his job offer from his new job was terminated.

Bloomberg: An analyst in the power and utilities banking group at Barclays named Justin Kwan sent an e-mail with a list of “10 Power Commandments” to his group’s incoming summer interns, and it is now “making the rounds on Wall Street,” … (“Our group dresses very conservatively. Given that it is summer, no socks is accepted and, in fact, encouraged.” “You are expected to allocate at least half your seamless web order for group appetizers/snacks for the month of June.” “Have a spare tie/scarf or two around. You never know when your associate will run out of napkins.” “When you need to leave your desk there will be a sign out sheet outside your cubes.”)

Well, at least now he doesn’t have to work at Barclays.

Pretty PG troll email IMO, could have been better.