The 2019 NYC L3 "One and Done" Club

For all you New Yorkers that just passed Level II - you deserve a big ol’ pat on the back. While you should be out celebrating, you’re still here hoping to find someone in town to conqueror this thing with. Well good news: you just found your team and it’s time to put this thing to sleep once and for all. I’m assembling a crew of future rainmakers to meet in Manhattan to keep us accountable for the next 290 days (obviously not starting right away).

Plan-wise, I’m intrigued by Marky Mark’s suggested book order of: 4 5 2 3 6 1 but we can hash this out to make sure we’re outthinking our competition. Doesn’t matter which provider you’re using as long as we’re all going through the same material. I’d like to start in December but we can pick day(s) that work for the group.

Victory lappers: sincerely sorry, I can only imagine how you’re feeling right now. You’re welcome to join too so we all make it to the finish line in 2019 - just be ready to answer our stupid questions as we fumble through these textbooks for the last time.

If you want in, drop your email below or send me a PM. In the meantime I’ll be busy knocking on all the wood in my house. Let’s do this.

Yes, very interested in study group for Level III ~ (reside in Princeton NJ but discussions by phone also welcome).

Sent you a PM, Jill

I live in Atlanta but I travel to NYC almost once a month. Also available to discuss by phone

hit me up! all of my CFA buddies got stuck on L2 so now I’m out here all by myself haha (good problem, but still)

Bumping this thread since we’re finally getting off the ground - we’re joining forces with rxg who kindly found a location for us all to congregate: 59th/Lex

Last call for anyone who’s interested! Drop your email here or in a PM and we’ll add you to the chain.