The art of sarcasm

Wondering if AF held a survey, who would get the highest number of votes for top quality sarcastic comments on this forum?

my guess is itera

shit… nobody commented :smiley:

(face and shoulders down) there I go

I think S200 is pretty funny and some of it is sarcastic, I guess. But his sarcasm isn’t the “demonstrate contempt” kind, which Itera has little competition for

probably magician’s sarcasm is so high quality that it passes over my head 9 out of 10 times. or may be its not sarcasm at all lol

Why do you discount me by 90%?

Quantity - Itera

Quality - DoW

AF doesn’t get all that much traffic between 5-10 am ET on Sundays.


ohai and Higgmond

lol. I noticed that. traffic is maximum near result days

yes. I didn’t have these 2 big names in mind

Probably Mobius. He has few posts, but most are quite witty.


I see what you did, there…

^keep watching

ah good times… AF wouldn’t be AF without ya’ll (no sarcasm)

^ I’m detecting sarcasm.

brought tears to my eyes