the band story

some of the fail posts say that there is a band which CFA reported(1-10??). what is it? i have never heard of this

I’m fairly certain that’s referring to David Grover and the Big Bear Band (

Tells you where you fell in the failures. I got a 5, so I was in the 50th percentile of those that failed.

It’s below your results if you fail. “We have divided the full group of failed candidates into ten approximately equal score bands. Your score band below shows how your overall score on the exam compares with all other failed candidates. For example, if your reported score band is 1, you scored in approximately the bottom 10% of failed candidates. If your reported score band is 2, your score was within the next band width ranging from approximately the bottom 11% to 20% of failed candidates. If your score band is reported as 10, you scored in the top 10% of all failed candidates.”

wow… they wont let u rest even if u fail… it might hurt much more if someone tells’dude u were in the 100th percentile’ but some dumbass just toppled over the line and took u with him… damn

I was a 10. Thanks CFAI.