The Beard needs to take the CFA


I have not seen my chin in 23 years…

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > WHO IS WITH ME? > > lol Castro? Isn’t that guy on his deathbed?

oh i meant Bernanke a.k.a Bennie a.k.a The Beard

CFA curriculum is outdated!!!

yeah, VaR just went out of fashion in last 4 weeks. so did MBS, securitization, CDS, and bunch of other derivatives. lol. they should add credit analysis, we’re going back to the basics.

When most people talked about inflation, Bernanke was forward looking and saw the deflation threat. Or he was simply lucky oil prices dumped 50%. Either way, that was his best call so far. Maybe his only good one.

You have got to be joking. To assume that Bernanke would be a more educated better decision maker after taking the CFA is hilarious. The guy has a PHD from MIT(I think). The CFA is nothing compared to that. It is extremely laughable to think otherwise.

Ph.D. is a lot of work to get, but Bernanke’s Ph.D. may give a better grasp of macroeconomics and microeconomics than it does of financial markets – and under normal conditions, that would probably be a good thing for the president of a central bank.

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > WHO IS WITH ME? > > lol I assume that you are saying you can do a better job.