The Best Asset Management Advertisment Ever LOL!

You gotta love India! I scanned this from today’s Economic Times, back page. I promise you will laugh your butts off! With Love, Chicken Tikka

O M G pure genius

They all over the competition for sure.

haha and their clients too! Goldman does as do all the rest, at least these guys advertise it.

Looks like they have high liquidity.

EPIC! Watch CNBC (Indian version) for the shortened ticker symbol: FAGBEAR. And no, I am not kidding about this.

Fantastic, maybe you can get a golden shower from Fagbear

Dealbreaker looked in to this ad and concluded that it was a hoax. Splain that ChickenTikka.

Really, show me where? I have the newspaper it was printed in. I scanned it myself. So that much is real. Are you suggesting someone paid the Economic Times to print it? That’s quite plausible. I thought it might be a viral marketing add, or a prank as well. I looked for a retraction in today’s economic times, or to see if the advert was posted again. Neither.

Eh, who cares? It’s like the Easter Bunny - it’s nice to believe that it is real even if there is a small possibility that it is fake.

I’ve just submitted it to Deal Breaker as I didn’t find it on their website.

The Easter Bunny is real. He died for our sins.

I doubt its fake…I would find it highly unlikely that they would go through all that to print something with a double meaning…It’s a big company here, and they would only be shooting themselves in the foot for pulling a stunt like that. And I really doubt a majority of readers of that paper would have gotten the meaning anyway. But it is pretty hilarious nonetheless. I am gonna try and an image of FAGBEAR and post it on DB :wink:

And just to add, you see stuff that almost every other day here. Unless you are actually up-to-date with new slangs or phrases, you’d just carry on without any reaction. It’s pretty funny sometimes; I crack up when I see such things and people are like wtf is wrong with you.

I just got an email back from the editor of asking me if I was surel. Seems they tried calling the 1800 number which obviously doesn’t work if you are calling from the United States. I pointed out that the numbers in the advertisement are the same as the ones on their website I bet some clever little guy at the local ad company was having a quiet little inside joke. From a cultural context, Indians love gold so this ad wouldn’t sound bizarre to them at all, unless they surfed internet porn before.

And Deal Breaker has put it back up!

^ haha…that’s awesome. Keep us posted. Those must be some pretty expensive golden showers though. Must be their PR guy’s fetish or something.

Apologies ChickenTikka, seems that it really wasn’t a hoax after all. Dealbreaker did a defective job of fact-checking. You have to admit though, this ad is so damn unintentionally funny, it’s almost too good to be true !

Made my day. +10