The biggest frustration is...

After rounds of reading, you think you have a good handle until you do a reality check with the past exam…*&*#&@(@( Fine, I did not give up. So I looked into the answer and reviewed and thought I got it this time. Then another past exam…crash again…I used a drink and reviewed again. Then one more past exam…phucked again!.. more red marks than black… The process goes on and on… I do not see any improvement in my scoring or confidence level. I mean sure I can handle the questions I did if they reappear. But there just seem to be infinite variation of questions can come up. And they all are monsterous.

same story here my love SS80. After taking multiple essay type tests, I am still at 50%s range. No sign of improvement. I also get return calculation wrong sometime which is considered basic. So frustrated…

Hang in there. Remember, the first 3 or 4 tests, you’re likely seeing different concepts for the first time. It’s not until you get to tests 5-10 that you start seeing stuff that looks familiar and you can nail it. Then, when exam day rolls around whatever CFAI throws at you is old hat. Just make sure you review all those red marks and understand why you got it wrong.

Brent Favre - You passed the exam or taking it this year?

you’ve got to pick your battle! stick to only one set of EOCQs (I am going with Schweser) but read both EOC summaries, and read and master the explaination of the answers THOROUGHLY when you get it wrong. After all, they come up EOC questions based on their years of experience of the the material that is likely to be tested.

I think Favre is coming back for another year…EYOOOOO

hey is the PM part like level 1 or level 2 item sets?

level 2 item sets

My biggest frustration is re-reading all the asinine IPS questions about the f****g Maclins and Lightspeed Communications’ pension plan, just like I did a year ago. And, making the same mistakes that I did last year.

hey guys, biggest frutration ever is getting the required rate of return again and again…

malek_bg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > hey guys, > > biggest frutration ever is getting the required > rate of return again and again… I wouldn’t mind doing this again and again if I am getting the answers right.

Have you ever touched 2009 AM? For me even not have the resolution to read the answer part, really depressd after going through the question 4 and gave up. Frustrated on Friday night