The Bottom

My friend who is in school for political science right now gave me a ring yesterday and asked me about the market. He said, “Since you said you own some index funds, I would imagine you are pretty p!ssed off right now. Economy is rough huh.” Now, when I hear that from someone who has no interest, exposure, or skin in financial markets, I imagine that the market is oversold when word finally gets to him. JP Morgan made a similar claim back in the day. A kid was shining his shoes and asked him about a stock one day. Seeing that a shoe shiner has an interest in a stock, he immediately sold and shorted all the shares he could, because at that point it was overbought.

Today will be the bottom. No one wants to go Long into teh weekend, but Fear Not today will be the Bottom. You heard it hear first! And if I’m wrong…well I’ll just edit my post. :slight_smile:

my bottom hurts from this ass ramming.

MFE, what you do in your private life is your own matter, not for the boards.