The Capital Lease Test: you SNOB!

Buddy of mine created an acronym to help us: SNOB S – 75% or more of asset’s life N – 90% or more of assets net value O – ownership transfer B – bargain purchase option IF ANYONE HAS MORE ACROYNYMS TO HELP US, please send them out there.

you’re using Stalla:) I love Olinto’s way of teaching:)

oh that is STALLA??? sorry, he is using that, I am using CFAI books

DIVUTS in option prices as factors affecting option prices Dividends up: call down, put up Interest rate (rf)up: call up, put down Volatility up: call up, put up Underlying security price up: call up, put down Time to expiration up: call up, put up Strike price up: call down, put up

PUFE for other comprehensive income (what goes dirrectly to BS passing over IS) Pensions: additional minimum pension liability Unrealized: gains or losses on available-for-sale securities Foreign: currency exchange translations, gain or losses on foreign currency hedges Effective: portion of cash flow hedges, unrealized gain or losses