The Carvalos' Liquidity

2008 AM Question 1 Part C



(1) All it says is they need the -55,000 outflow for the first mortgage payment… Why not the downpayment of 255,000?

(2) If you put 255,000 for the downpayment is that wrong?

(3) What if you said "the 55,000 annual outflwo requirement is met by portfolio returns? Given we had the lengthy discussion in a prior forum as to “when is an annual outflow a liquidity requirement” I guessed its best to mention the 55,00 annual flow as beign “met by portfolio payments”

I posed this question to Marc LeFebvre, and hes comment was “They aren’t going to ask liquidity anymore, any time you see that, it is an old exam, because that quesiton is confusing they arent goign to use it any more”

question says down payment is paid from trust, so you reduce the trust distribution for the DP

is this for real, no more liquidity questions for individual IPS??

I wouldnt put any substance into anything that guy says

I’m jsut stating LeFebvre’s comment. he says they cause too much confusion becasue of the “do we put the income requirement or not” question, but I can’t image that anything is off limits…

I am going to continue to make a statement like will be met by the portfolio return…

Why not MCap? Do you distrust the all knowing Lefebvre?

LeFebvre is the man

You could write in the Liquidity section that Marc said no need to prepare for this .

Lol, funny…

yes, he is the man who makes 1000 mistakes every study session

+1 :smiley: