The CFA Exam is just not fair

Disturbed by the unfairness of this exam, I propose several enhancements for achieving social justice:

Fact: Level 3 AM session is completely unfair to non-native English speakers. Just try to imagine the time pressure for foreigners. I read about 50 pages an hour in Portuguese and less than half of that in English.

Policy: Make the test available in others languages as well.

Side-effect: Enrollment fee is going to increase to pay for incremental costs.

Side-effect T+1: English speakers will pay for someone else’s problem.

Policy: They will get a free foreign language skype course at their disposal. Teachers will be the foreigners applicants who had failed (with bonus comes onus).

Fact: Some candidates are in a different life moment. This is unfair. Some are in college and have final exams. Some are single and have the burden of too many social events and impatient girlfriends. Others are married with non-stop crying babies. Others have teenagers and their frenetic schedule. A few are old and don’t have the same level of stamina or memory retention.

Policy: Every single candidate must go to clubs, change diapers in the middle of the night, teach little john how to shoot, ski, toss a ball, meet with a mistress during work hours, consult with a geriatrician on a regular basis. Must enroll in a new university as well.

Fact: Some candidates are in a different genre moment. This is unfair. Some are woman and are on their period.

Policy: Every single candidate has to use a modess during the exam. Tampax are allowed.

Fact: Some candidates are in a different professional moment. This is unfair. Some work in IB. Others are unemployed.

Policy: Work 16 hour a day. Even if this means surfing the internet all day long.

Fact: Some countries have holidays in May. This is unfair. Brasil had Corpus Christi on June 4th. I had to go to the countryside when everyone was at the office studying.

Policy: Synchronize World holidays in May.

Fact: Canada has a disproportionately high number of CFA per capita when compared to US (2x) or UK (3x).

Policy: Impose restrictions to establish a market reserve. Only 50 (5?) new charters a year.

Fact: Some candidates live far away from test center. It took me a 7 minute scooter ride to arrive. Candidates from outside of Sao Paulo took a plane and booked a hotel spending $ 1000 more.

Policy: Make everyone fly to Mecca departing from Ushuaia.

Fact: It is absolutely unfair that some chapters have a disproportional male-female ratio. Brazil has the worst ratio of all countries (a staggering 11.5 to 1), even worse than Kuwait, UAE! Compare this to freshful Romania where 40% are female .

Policy (I am really serious about this one): Export Romanians down-under to equilibrate this.

PS. Not knowing proper English is being functional illiterate. This is true for financial workers, airline pilots, computer programmers, high class hookers, etc… Better go for a superb English course than have the CFA designation.

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I seriously hope you dont get the Charter, who knows what else you are gonna complain about.

lol… I approve this message

EDIT: it’s post exam, I’m not obligated to read long sections of text. Hence, I didn’t read his post, merely the title and following comments.

uhh i think he’s kidding, guys

This is one of the more ridiculous post’s I’ve ever seen… and I can’t tell if it’s serious… change world holidays to revolve around a test…lol

They should allow coffee in the exam rooms.

Or wait. What if a clumsy dude spelled his coffee over my papers? That’s a bad idea. Unless, they allow guns in the exam rooms.

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irony is lost on some people…

You guys got trolled so hard

The troll got trolled IMO

Life’s not fair either.

Sad that people cant tell the obvious joke of a post. Post was made for pure entertainment and people are jumping on OP. Makes me laugh.

They might do chinese version… God help

It is no a troll, just a (bad) attempt at being funny.

It is no a troll, just a (bad) attempt at being funny.

How anyone could possibly take this as some serious complaints is beyond me. I thought it was somewhat humorous.

This is awesome

Lots of candidates complain about inadequate time notices provided by proctors. Some have gone so far as to suggest big digital clocks counting down the seconds, etc. I would rather that CFAI hire those ring babes in boxing matches who walk around the ring between matches holding up huge signs indicating the number of the next round. Imagine the strict attention paid to time if, every so often, the ring babes strutted around the exam room with the hour and time printed on the signs. I’m not – necessarily – suggesting that the ring babes wear their usual ensembles (g-strings), but ethics may compel this in order to avoid cheating from the few who might print formulas on the itsy bitsy loops of the bikinis. In order to ensure that these proctors are rigorous and conscientious and visit every row – so no one can complain that they missed the time boards – generous tipping would be encouraged in the usual place(s)…