The CFA Route to Finance Is Cheap But Proving Very Stressful

Paywall. Me sad. :pleading_face: :disappointed:

Reflects the reality of life being cruisy if you’ve money and hard work if you don’t :grin:

youre a charterholder and dont know how to get around a paywall?

Is your amex platinum? Or black?

I pay off about $4k a month on mine, and still no black card offer.


hmm mba kinda tough. the pressure is constant. the hw is constant. vs cfa. i can cram in the last 3 months.

But then you’ll have the best of both worlds: the networking & connections of the MBA and the rigour of the CFA charter!!! :star_struck: :man_student: :man_office_worker: :necktie:

damn holmes, you need to find a hot chick to study with

Who wins:

(CFA + MBA) VS (CFA + military experience)

Talking about a fight to the death obviously.

Let’s get lunch man👍

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i sometimes wish i was single. so easy to make friends. so eager. so yummy.

CFA + military beats all, but only if the service branch is Army.

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I’m trying to go navy!

Do I have to bring my own boots to boot camp though? Also, is there a level of basic training where I can ask to run more than a mile and a half per day?

You bet. It’s called Ranger school. If you’re not smokin’ and jokin’, and if you’re the type of high-speed young buck that files his nails while achieving a 300 during a regular PFT run, perhaps there’s even a stiffer run waiting as your reward at Fort Bragg.

Hold my beer.