The CFAI and its "ethics"

What’s the rationale behind not being able to go over test questions anyhow? Since when was that ever productive to learning? The CFAI has been doing everything it can to make the tests unreasonably difficult by coming up with creative ways to lower the passing rate. Passing scores of 90 something percent when the tests began, down to a low of, at times, in the 30s? The CFAI preaches ethics but arguably doesn’t even practice it when it comes to administering exams which ostensibly are designed to test a candidate’s knowledge of finance, not an ability to diagram logic or decipher ambiguous,complex, and nuanced questions. It’s just a little bit hypocritical to not allow candidates to take every fair advantage they can get to pass a test which is in some ways a biased and unrepresentative test. Since this site is supposed to be for the purpose of advancing knowledge and helping people to achieve their charter, then why no re-creating or posting of test questions. How are candidates supposed to have a fair idea of how to better prepare for the test if they are not even allowed to know which questions they had wrong and why? In the interest of full disclosure, since the CFAI loves to preach about the importance of full disclosure and ethics, please do enlighten us as to how these policies are ethical and/or beneficial to those giving up countless hours of their lives in pursuit of their charters.

The purpose of taking the test is not supposed to be for learning. That is what studying the materials and taking review classes is for. The purpose of taking the test is to test your knowledge. A good way to test your knowledge of computational concepts is to test to see if you can do it forward, backward, upside down, and cross-eyed. Honestly, I have a problem neither with the style of the questions asked nor with them not sharing the answers to the exam questions. I wish they were more open with their scoring of the exam, but I do believe it is their right to score it that way, and if I don’t like it, I can find a different exam to take.