The CFAI Diploma is HUGE.....

Hom am I gonna fit this into a frame? Seriously, does it has to be this BIG…

That’s what she said LOL :slight_smile:

ahahahh :slight_smile: I am -Seriously…

mine arrived yesterday…it is huge indeed…waiting for the frame now to arrive

Yeah I got mine. Looked at it and back into the cylinder it went haha. No way im hanging that up anywhere. Not at the office, not at home. I feel like I don’t want to publicize to the world that I’m a cfa charterholder. Some things are better left the way they are…status quo bias :slight_smile:

Suit yourself, I worked way too damn hard to just box that away and never look at it again. It’s been framed and will be hung in the most obvious place I know.

fuggen showoff.

I’m totally onboard with ya, rexthedog haha!! Triple matted, high-end frame job and in my office to remind me of the blood, sweat and tears of the grind – and success!!!

hahaha what are the dimensions?!

she’s excited LOL

L O L walked right into that one

yes my friend…yes, you did :slight_smile:

I framed mine with a 3" matting and 2" frame. Go big or go home. :wink:

May I ask what shipping carrier was used if you are in the US? I have moved but provided the old address to CFAI…

I think it’s USPS for me but i’m also in Virginia so it could be different for you.

Happy to know that. Hope it’s USPS for me too and they’ll forward it. Thanks!

Yeah holy crap the thing was huge. I have my CMT certificate framed and it looks so tiny next to it. Well, I guess the CFA is the equivalent of telling the world you’re in the “F u driver’s seat” for the industry, so why not?

FFS got an A3 frame but it is bigger! I heard it was big but did not realise I would need to rent a billboard to display it!!!