the CFAI Mocks, for those who haven't taken 'em

guys, can i get some info on if its worth dropping the $100 on it? so far i understand 1) mock 1 accounting vignette has been pulled out of a horses ass 2) mock 2 CF question states a 40% debt ratio, but answers use 50%

sounds about right. I took them both. I think they are pretty close to the way the questions are aske, just like level 1. I scored a 63% on 1 and a 75% on 2. Accounting on the first killed me. if you take them, make sure to jot down what answers you put on a scratch pad because they don’t give you a letter on the exam. Makes it a LOT easier to grade. I feel like they were worth the money, but I won’t know for sure until after the real deal.