The Cost of Golf

Just to update, Trump’s golf has cost $86,000,000 so far. Extrapolating to a four year term is about half a billion :confused:

A billion here, a billion there… Pretty soon you’re talking about real money

With a swing like that, he should spend double on lessons

A lot of these costs would have occurred regardless of his being golfing or not though, right?

No. This article has a good breakdown:

We do know the Secret Service is low on budget to pay its officers. We also know the Secret Service allocated approximately $33 million in fiscal 2018 to protect Trump and his family on trips to the New York area and to Mar-a-Lago.

We know the Secret Service has racked up $137,000 in golf cart rental bills with contracts with private providers (Trump is NOT making money on those carts), with one contract running into Spring 2018.

We know the Secret Service has paid some $8,600 so far for portable toilets to use while on the ground of Trump’s golf clubs. Ballistic glass is also needed, and the Secret Service has a mobile office, which costs money.

The Coast Guard is required to protect nearby waterways when Trump visits Trump International Golf Club in Jupiter vis a vis Mar-a-Lago and Trump National D.C., which fronts the Potomac River. The Coast Guard cost at Mar-a-Lago is estimated to be $236,000 per day. These costs would apply whether or not Trump plays golf when he’s at Mar-a-Lago. The cost for Coast Guard at his Ashburn club is substantially lower and must be paid each time Trump goes there.

When Trump flies to these resorts, he uses Air Force One. (He uses a motorcade to go to Trump National in northern Virginia, which has its own cost.) The Congressional Research Service estimated in 2012 the hourly cost of the Presidential 747 (any plane the President is on becomes Air Force One) at $179,750. It is now estimated at $206,337 per hour, though there are classified costs the Government Accountability Office cannot reveal.

Thank goodness the benefits of Trump being President far outweigh the costs.

Would you rather have him playing golf, or implementing his policies?


Your argumentative skills are formidable.

I agree with most of his policies, it’s hist extracurricular activities (golf, russia, etc.) that bother me :bulb:

Hey hey, the russian hotel pee pee files have nothing backing them up.