The Dad Bod

Women love the ‘dad bod’. Broscience goes underneath the hood and reads (stumbles) bt the lines:

Cliff notes?

I’m trying to break out of the dad bod.

Dammit, Its a comedy woman, but if you must have the notes:

Women now love the so called “dad bod”, one likened to a beer gut, yet not obese over the ripped look. Why you ask, bc yall are idiots. Not true (hah) but the psy behind it is you (as a woman) wish to be the centerfold among the pair, do not want to be pushed to look good (thus, if you gain a few extra lbs its ok bc your pathetic bf still looks like garbage) and finally resolves women’s perceived insecurities. All in all, it dates back to the common theme of women dating down.

I can’t watch the youtube at work, so…

Ehh… Different women have different tastes and not all of them are conventional… Why is it hard to accept?

So a committed relationship is all about who is “better”?

Could be. Tallies with the fact / myth that the less attractive person in a committed relationship is more likely to cheat; to feel superior to the more attractive one.

haha i dont know if endless study is leaving me with no patience but this irrates me more than anything. Its a comedy, not meant to really cause controvesy.

FTR, i think women are attracted to turning on the opposite sex, thus if they feel inferior in terms of looks, they will not be as attracted. Yall are so f’ed up.

When I was a kid the internet was supposed to be a tool to educate the masses with all information at your finger tips. It’s so sad to see it used to debate a color of a dress and now Dad Bod.

this dad bod… single mommies and leftover women love it

Lots of fat fucks in this thread. Women are attracted to fit bodies,period.

I think deep down a woman is attracted to a guy who looks good and takes care of himself (or at least tries to). If a girl likes an overweight dadbod then I think she is probably a little insecure about her own weight. Also, I think girls are less attracted to the physical body than guys are so guys tend to think if they look good girls will notice when in fact girls pay less attention to physical attractiveness.

As a female, of course women like men that are fit/take care of themselves. That being said, dads are hot! Maybe it’s the idea that they will be a good caretaker of children etc etc… A good looking man with a starbucks? Maybe 7/10, the same man with a baby stroller? Instant 9. I’m married, but many of my single friends go ga-ga over men with babies/toddlers. Maybe the dad bod is like wide hips on a woman? Surely that guy looks like he would take care of his children… after all he naturally looks like a dad. haha

^If having a kid instantly bumps you up two tenths, then I’m now a 5/10.

I have two kids, so that’s 2 x 2/10, plus my usual rating of 1.

For the record I hate the Dad bod bull sh*t, it just symbolizes the downward slide towards glorified mediocraty that is the hipster movement. Basically just second stringers sitting on the sidelines telling people its because you’re too cool to participate.

That being said, I am in shape and I love being left in charge of our 8 month old because girls eyeball the sh*t out of you, and it’s not just attention towards the baby, there are two very different looks we’re talking about here. I’m psyched about our relationship but I have this impression that if I were ever ditched and left in a single Dad situation the dating life would not be too difficult.

My GF has a different view and says that when she’s with the baby she feels like she’s invisible to men compared to when she’s out without the baby. So there’s definitely a different perception there.

I think it’s fair to say that “other things equal” women prefer a man with a fit body over a flabby one (with the reminder that rippling with muscles over every inch like a bodybuilder is not required to be fit). But other things are seldom equal, and overpreoccupation with one’s body can often signal other problems such as an inability to attend to other important aspects of a relationship.

I think women are far more willing to overlook physical imperfections than men are. Women want their men to be “not unattractive.” From there on, more attractive is nicer, but women are far more interested in other things like good conversation, absence of narcissim, feelings of physical and/or financial security, intelligence, manners, and a sense of humor.

Some of the logic in further up this thread is a little batty, and makes me wonder how much experience people have with genine samples of the opposite sex. To take the logic to it’s apparent conclusion, one might equally say that men who like girls are just afraid that they can’t handle intimacy with someone who’s just as muscular as they are.

The Dadbod movement is pure garbage spewed by the medicore to make themselves feel better.

I have been fat, and I have been ripped. (talking legit full six pack), benching 1.5x my bodyweight, squatting 2x bw, and deadlifting 2.5 bw, and this is complete crap.

I would get more girls in one week when i was ripped as I did in a year fat. literally. You have to beat them off with a stick if you have a good body and a chiseled jaw and are halfway presentable.

Don’t believe a word of this stuff people are telling you. go get in shape.

I think there is a difference between short term or inception of relationship and long term sustaining relationship. In the short term, greater physical attractiveness is probably an asset. But in a long term relationship, people want to feel good about themselves, and this might mean not having to hang out with Greek statues every day to remind you of what a fat ass you are.

did anyone watch the vid!? it was supposed to be mindless humour

That’s what facebook is for.

If you post something on a discussion board, expect it to be discussed.

I’d watch it if I could, but no YouTube at work for me. And, I try not to AF at home.