The Day Before

Wanted to get everyone’s take on how to take approach the last day (Friday). I understand it varies person to person, but I have found it helpful in the past to study those questions/formulas I am still having difficulty with up until 2 or 3 pm then call it a day. I think having a piece of mind and a good night sleep will do a person better than studying until dinner or so.

100% agreed

Get good food, relax, may be exercise, and get a good night of sleep.

My plan is to review Formulas, GIPS notes, and then relax and hopefully get a good night of sleep. I will also be doing a light quick workout in the morning on Saturday to get my blood flow going and walk to Test Centre and let the most cruel 8 hrs of my summer begin LOL

Friday will be mostly travel, dinner with friends and review of my flashcard formulas.

Someone remind me what time were we supposed to be there?

Since it’s virtually impossible to sleep well on Friday before the exam, plan to get a good night’s rest on Wednesday and Thursday.


Very True Hashtag, I actually was so nervous last year did not sleep a wink but I think it was also due to the fact that I was not well prepared, this year I feel more prepared and ready to get this thing over with once and for all… that being said nerves will set in Friday night; hence meditating and yoga will help or anything you guys do to relax usually.

I was thinking blackout on Friday so that I can clear my mind and definitely sleep and be prepared for Saturday.

Have a beer or two in local bar on Friday evening. This will help to sleep better. Wake up early in the morning on Saturday. Don’t forget to poop while you’re still at home. Take a shower and refresh to look good since there will be the extra good-looking chicks in exam hall.

Best advice I have seen. Well said @Flashback.

Light review and relax and have the essentials ready and in a bag on my desk the night before (Calc, add ticket, passport, Pen and pencil).

100% poop at home, I’ve seen some unfortunate souls who chose to wait until they arrive at the test center–unnecessary stress. Also it’s scientifically proven that showering before poop leads to failing the exam (and those extra good-looking chicks avoiding you).

No worse thing that exam center doors being closed while you’re pooping but this happens.