The day of truth ...

… will be early this year !!! Seems the CFA Institute purchased more computer power or hired more jobless financial analysts … exam results will be out already on July 26th this year. Hallelujah or Doomsday … ? Soon we will know. :wink:

doomsday for me i know :frowning:

Thanks for the update. Could you please share your source?

Source = CFAI You might also look at the other thread "CFA Results earlier!!! " which elaborates on this …

Please kindly post the exact link for the document you are referring to. Thanks much.

Taking the CFA level II tells me that you want to be an analyst … I am very confident that you can find this piece of information on the CFAI website yourself.

Nothing on hiring jobless financial analysts or acquiring more computers.

Hey … come on … relax … that was a joke …

I was joking too. To answer your question, I feel it is doomsday for ~60% of the test takers.