The derivatives reading is awesome

So many optional sections! Pricing swaps will be a bit of a bitch, but nothing too complicated.

Yeah, derivs are actually fun to do. How are you proceeding ? Is deriv your last section to cover ? Good luck.

I did part of book 1 (econ), books 2 - 5, and am working on book 6 today. I already did questions for the sections i read, so i’m more or less on schedule at this point. i plan on finishing book 6 today, then doing a readthrough of ethics tomorrow morning, and spending the rest of the day going through quant. Quant’s my weakest area right now… I know NONE of the material. That’s a very easy opportunity to get a 3 - 5 point improvement on my score so I won’t throw that away. (as much as I hate that section)

Yeah, do the quant. I’m getting around 3-4/6 on quant vignettes, and I’m really bad at quants. Actually, do the whole thing if you can. You can really get some points from just having read the stuff. I was actually considering skipping PM cause I just hate it. But I actually did PM. On my last practice exam I got 6/6 on the PM vignette. Go figure. Anyways, I`m off to do book 2 exam 3 AM. Keep it up man. Cheers.

Yeah… don’t skip ANYTHING. Just reading through it once will give you a fairly high chance to at least boost your score by 1 point. Even if you don’t feel like you absorbed anything by reading it, when you see the question, a lot of times you’ll THEN recall seeing that. There’s no excuse for dumping easy points out of laziness. I’m taking time off work to study… each vacation day is worth 3 - 400$, and that’s a sunk cost I’m not getting back. Might as well use the time rather then waste it.