The Difference Between Men And Women

Isildurr, things are somewhat icy now. We are cordial, even friendly, but a lot of the warmth is gone.

I might well have gotten involved with her if I hadn’t gotten involved with my current GF first (met them both around the same time). My current GF is clearly better relationship material, more emotionally stable and just a good all-round partner, but the other one is still very attractive and a little more intellectual, which I like. So it hurts a bit that the warmth is gone, but it’s probably just as well, because it was an enormous temptation to do something that would screw up the good thing I already have going.

In a perfect world (for me), I’d get to be with both, but since the world is imperfect, I’ll stick with my current bet. :wink:

LOL yeah a girl doesn’t need to be a PUA, just drunk enough

So you preferred the more emotionally stable woman to a more intellectual one?

My current GF is not dumb, but she isn’t into science and history and space and those sorts of things in any way you could describe as deep. She doesn’t mind dabbling now and then or watching a show about it, but she doesn’t really get into it.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter that much, because we make each other laugh and enjoy doing a lot of similar activities and have similar taste in food (sometimes I think relationship compatibility really just boils down to liking the same food). But I do like to geek out sometimes, and she - while tolerant of it - doesn’t really get into it much. But no one is a perfecct match, and I realize that “pretty good match” is something worth taking care of.

On the plus side, she rolls with lifes punches pretty well and is a great companion, and my friends like her too. Like many latinas, she can get a bit jealous easily, but that’s true with a lot of women, and the fact that I do flirt a lot doesn’t help (that’s one of my drawbacks: I’m loyal, but I’m also a big flirt)

I didn’t mean to imply that at all.

And I think we all noticed already that you are a big flirt:)

All men care about are watching sports - even if they don’t know the teams - or the level of play is unranked highschool - or if it’s disabled people - or just fifty year old rec league ping pong - just no women sports please.

i know you didn’t mean it, but I just wanted to draw a distinction (for others) between “not being intellectual” and “not being intelligent”.

I would say the same for capital markets.

It gives us an excuse to avoid attending commitments we somehow agreed to months ago while we weren’t paying attention.

Girl: Remember 2 months ago when you were watching football…or was that baseball? Anyway, remember when I told you the brother’s wife of my second cousin is having a BBQ? Well, guess what honey, it’s this Sunday. I can’t wait!!! We should get there for 3PM.

Guy: Uh! What? You sure you were talking to me?

Girl (getting frustrated): Yes I was! You were sitting on that side of the couch wearing your hockey jersey…or was that a soccer jersey? Anywaaaay, yes I was talking to you baby and you said of course you’ll do it because you love me so much.

Guy: Ahh! Can’t babe. There’s a big high school lacrosse game on Sunday. 2 big rivals going at it.

Girl: Since when do you watch lacrosse?

Guy: Since this Sunday.

:roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:t4: