The Difference Between Men And Women

This guy nailed it. True and funny.

I hate the contemporary depiction of man as a blue collar worker with limited intelligence, especially narrated by a woman.

Right on

Smuggy and krync are on the same page evidently…

I knew it’s gonna come back and bite me!

Every time I post (or do) something impulsively, it happens…


Haha…we think alike.

The biggest difference between the 2 genders is that women (for the most part) are always seeking security, whether it’s in their careers, relationships or investments.

Women use sex to get relationships, and men use relationships to get sex… thats the diff.

I think that depends on personality more so than on gender

Until they grow up and realize that never works:)

When it comes to women, I’m more like Jon Snow.


He knows nothing. Or possibly, he enjoys going down on chicks who have spent months camping in the forest without access to showers.

It was after a bath in a cave, though…

My main point (about knowing nothing) is that it seems pretty fruitless to generalize about what women are like in any detail. There’s just too much variability. Some of the stereotypes are fun to play with, and may even apply in a rough statistical sense, but are pretty much guaranteed to run a guy into trouble if he applies them too readily to any one woman.

Part of the issue is that we human beings all have multiple personalities (though we often call them moods). Perhaps men feel more pressure to limit their range of moods more than women do, and that may explain some common stereotypes, but most of the stereotypes we use to talk about what men are like and what women are like run us into trouble when we try to apply them to a person in front of us.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to talk about common sources of misunderstandings between men and women. I enjoyed the story, and it does feel like some incidents I’ve had with some women, but I suspect that’s more recall and confirmation bias than anything else.

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Oui, People are far too dynamic so if you apply stereotypes some situations will make you frustrated because they’re not conforming to norm.

On another note, What happened to the girl who was pulling away cause she fell for you?

A girl I once knew in the PUA arena had a really good quote about stuff like this. She would say the more you know about women, the less you know about a woman. Same is true for guys as well.

A girl was a PUA?

Women fake orgasms, men fake relationships.

I totally agree with that saying.

What’s PUA?

PUA = Pick-Up Artist


Let’s see, how would an attractive woman be a PUA?

Hot Girl: “Hi, are you the really hansome guy they said was going to be here?”

Guy: “What?”

Hot Girl: “You’re so attractive, do you want to go to the corner and make out?”

Guy: “Yeah, sure.”

++++ End of game…

For women, think it just isn’t a very exciting game to play.

But what could go wrong:

Guy: “I’m gay”

Hot Girl: “Well, what about your friend there??”

Guy: “Uh, I’m here with my girlfriend.”

Hot Girl: “I don’t mind if she watches…”

Any others?