The DOW still slowly grinding up...

I got some longs, shorts, and neutrals… so not too worried, just want low volatility…

…but for the unemployed, it’s kinda like watching the last train leave the station…

…what are the markets saying in regards to that?

… If you’re not on the train now, your done, no matter what your background is… we got what we need for where we’re going, and we’re not going back to pick anyone up anymore…

^Lock you still looking for a job? I know of a decent position in the works of being filled if you’re interested.

I’m tired of listening to these people at work talk about stocks thinking they know what they’re talking about.

The dumb money’s coming back.

I think the loneliness is getting to him.

What about exploring a career change in a different industry, lockheed. It’s not like you’re 40 or something, right?

Hi Govt… yes I am still looking, and would be interested.

Shoot me an email ( and ill send you over the details. If you think you’re interested, ill get you connected with the HR person.

^Thanks Govt. I will send you an email. Greatly appreciated.

Are you as energetic in person as you are on the forum when talking options?

^Hi RawRaw.

more so. and I do believe that’s why this is just a pit stop…


I’m waiting for the market to bust any time now. Buying puts on my SPY position.

You seem like a cool guy to party with then lol

Love is in the air everywhere I look around.