The dreaded pre-exam survey email has arrived

I remember we had tonnes and tonnes of disussion on L1/L2/L3 forums in the past on how the survey email comes to only “selected” candidates who might be from the passing candidate pool (above the curve) and how if you ignored the email (did not take the survey) then you ended up failing, we did a post and pre survey and the due to data mining by several 'analyst’formu folks we always got a high correlation with this theory. I personally miss those (kiddish) days.

…on a serious note though, did you get the survey email from CFAI and more importantly, are you planning to take it?

got it just took it

and yes, i did it for fear that if i did not, they would fail me!

It’s more or less related to Karma. Missing an instruction from your Alma Mater ain’t what is taught in America.

I am planning to religiously take it after work tonight :slight_smile: Hope to see a Band-11 with a big fat PASS

the best answers to the survey:

Yes, I studied a ton.

No, I didn’t use any 3rd party material.

Yes, I only used CFAI material + past AMs

Yes, CFAI is my daddy.

I just took it

I also received it, and am filling it out although it has no bearing on our scores

… unlike the fan letters I send to John Rogers.

lol iteracom… that was pretty funny.

Oddly, unlike last year, they did not ask for the number of hours studied.

I didn’t get it :frowning:

Me too. I’m pretty sure they use a multi-factor model to identify candidates that have little chance of passing the test and send them the survey to see how they could change the program.

4 realz son.

I received it and took it. I really wish they would send out the post-exam survey after the scores come out. I’m always afraid to answer the questions honestly because I’m paranoid of a slight possibility that they’ll track me down after heaing my angry rants and give me a failing score or some ethics violation.

Makes sense, good call.

Just did it… I did mention that I didn’t like the way that CFAi exam rules were pretty strict! I hope they don’t fail me for that!