The EOC questions in CFAI and EOC questions in Schweser

Hey All,

Using Schweser as my study material, and have noticed that sometimes the EOC questions are MUCH easier/simpler than the CFAI EOC. But then there are sections where the CFAI EOC questions are much easier than Schweser EOC questions.

I guess my problem is… not exactly sure how to interpret the level of difficulty for the exam… (kind of just assuming I should be nailing all the CFAI questions)

For example; I finished corporate finance, and nailed every EOC Schweser question. But then I moved to CFAI EOC questions, and they are similar, but are more specific/detailed and a little more complicated. I don’t think I could answer a lot of these corporate finance CFAI EOC questions in less than 1 min 30.

Please share you experience/thoughts on this!

It is the CFA Institute which makes the actual exam… no one else. So end of the day, you need to nail the questions in the curriculum. This can be difficult at times. After practicing questions from the curriculum make sure you read the explanations carefully… even for questions that you got right. After a few weeks come back to the questions you had issues with and see if you get them right the second time. In fact, I suggest you should have gone through the curriculum questions three times before the actual exam.

I’m not implying that you should not do questions from other sources, it is just that the curriclum questions should be highest priority.

Some curriclum questions are not in MCQ format (for example in Quant). If you have time do these questions. If you don’t have much time then think about how you’d solve the problem and read the solution.

Hope this helps.


Arif Irfanullah

Thanks Arif. That does help. Kind of what I am thinking… Make sure to do ALL the CFAI questions and understand them in and out.

Just annoys me when I finish Schweser section, get 90% on the EOC questions, and then the CFAI questions much different.