"The exam questions are not designed to trick you or test you on rare exceptions"

Qoute, unqoute CFAI. Then why the f*** do you design your questions like this:

A) 1st statement

B) 3rd statement

C) 2nd statement

Like serisouly. Go f yourself.

So very agree.

I felt that pain too when I saw that multiple times :frowning:

Not that I agree with this tactic, but, they’re preparing you to be an analyst, I suppose they would like to be sure you’re paying attention.

yes, I can feel your anger…

So the point is . . . you have to read the question and you have to read the answers?

Take a couple of seconds, read everything, and mark the correct answer.

What’s even worse is instead of writing “Which of the following is Least Likely correct?”, they sometimes write " which of the following is Most Likely NOT correct

I pray that all the “tricks” on the exam were this easy to spot.

You should too.

There’s testing difficult concepts then there’s testing concepts difficultly.

There’s a reason why the pass rate is low.

I believe this won’t be the case in the actual exam as the answers will be ordered according to 1.) length in number of characters, 2.) alphanumerically sorted.