The Fear

How do you guys handle it?

Started for me on Sunday/yesterday, slept really bad last night, despite feeling pretty confident on most topics. I didn’t have it before the last 48 hours on LVLs I & II, I think it’s now more/earlier mostly because of the Essay AM.

Watch a movie or series. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, House of Cards… Take a pick.

How are you scoring on your practice essays?

If you’re freaking out, go look at the 2015 level 3 results thread. There are some pretty grizzly AM sections in there with passing marks.

I prefer Archer, or Rick and Morty.

MrSmart I appreciate you even more now :D. I have been watching Malcom in the Middle during my lunch time, also quite good to relax

I am still finding weaknesses and forgetting some of the stuff I thought I had nailed down. . .this week is a rollercoaster.

Ive had nightmares since February… the worst part is knowing that some kid that just passed level 1 this past December could be taking level 3 next year with you, if you dont pass now

Me and my gf broke up about 2 weeks ago, I found out she cheated on me…for about a week i didnt study because i was pretty pissed but I had to transfer that negativeity into positivity which helps

listen to music that makes you happy or gets you G’d up

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I got a touch of this today when I was going through past AM papers I had already completed, attempting to re-do questions and getting a few wrong that I had originally gotten right.

That’s not good! blush

Same thing here, bro. I can’t tell if I’m less focused re-doing questions, or if I’m regressing.

On one hand, I want to just revise, do notecards and try to chill out a bit, and on the other hand, I feel like I should be diving in full force in a final effort these last few days… . there are still some exams (pre 2008) that I have not done, and I;m debating doing a couple more.

Same here…

That sucks. Sorry to hear that man