The Fed has no credibility and the market has undone the last 150 bps of tightening

Hi, eager minds of tomorrow! Can someone please explain this. I am dumbfounded and sad that I missed the rally. Is the dynamic different going forward now?

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Hablas español / castellano?

Nope. I’ve used the “Ay, mjo!” memes with @GorillaNerd and @CEO10K-DAY so often, it’s nice to drop the occasional “Ay, mija!” meme.

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OP - if the fed and the bond market got into a fight, the fed would get their ass handed to them in three seconds flat.

If inflation was going to be a long run issue - yields woulda soared way passed 3.5% a hella long time ago.

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CEO 10K-DAY - do you expect the market to be disconnect from the economy and return to all-time highs or return to per-pandemic levels or worse? Wouldn’t the recession that is being signaled by the 2s10s and the 3s5s put downward pressure on the market? Does the rally have validity or it’s noise? Thx!