The free sample exam format

I took the free sample exam a couple of days ago and left with a few questions for those that have taken level II before. I was surprised at how short the vignettes were (not even in comparison to schweser). Is this about how long they will be on the actual exam or were they shorter on this sample because the exam is administered on the computer? I was expecting a page or two (that is what schweser tells us to expect), but they seemed much shorter.

good questions, I had the same ones.

That is true, they aren’t as long on the actual exam; for what it’s worth, I think I failed last year due to Schweser and Book 7. I got caught up in little crap without ever seeing the big picture and how it all fits. If that helps

did my mwvt 70 calls expire in the money?


cfasf1 - Intrinsic value of +7 for you. :slight_smile:

Yeah, baby. good work! that was the easiest trade i put on in my life. what about you dinesh? i’d get long some of those calls on you too.

Mr. Sundrani has not taken the exam yet, but I am offering calls with a strike of 70 and 80.

I have not yet taken any exams till date. I will be taking one Scheser on 26th May - 1 AM probably and will put up the scores. My confidence interval: 20% - 40% range

pfft dinesh you know more than you think you do! My confidence interval for you is 99% with an expected score of 85 :slight_smile:

Dinesh is going to kill it, but he doesn’t believe it yet. :slight_smile:

dude. it’s a guarantee.

sf, I am going to be taking that second CFAI exam realtively soon. Kind of dreading it based on your comments. The first one gave me a little boost, as I was pretty down, but I am afraid 2 is going to take it all back and then some.

Thanks guys, for your vote of confidence. But the 1st exam might be real bad scores as it would be my 1st cage-match with vignettes. I hope to increase (my endurance and stamina) as and when I take more and more exam-like vignettes. Also did you guys keep the formula sheet open when you took the 1st one? I don’t think I would be able to recall the CMR formula or the lets-say equivalent annuity approach right-off my head when I see such questions on the exam?

as long as you got all the sample exams, you can have the other ones boost it back up after the second exam! If everybody found it difficult I would say as long as your in the pack your good to go.

maybe take 3 first, then? i think that is going to be the closest in difficulty to the real thing. harder than 1, easier than 2. However, i don’t know. you may do well on the second one as well. there was that error that freaked me out, but i did very poorly on it. maybe it wasn’t as difficult as i thought it was. but from the scores i have seen besides mine, i think most people would agree that it was pretty brutal. i would think anything above a 60 is a good score? i was mid 50’s and it was bad for the ego. sneaky feeling you get close to 70 on that as well and i created all that fuss about this test for nothing.

Did you ever hear back about that error?

I will gladly sell mwvt9 calls @ 70 for the second test. Money in the bank.

nope. nothing. i’m 95% sure it was an error, though. and the same question twice! so you’re in the hole 2 questions out of the gate. it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside for the rest of the test. funny if there is no errors and i’m making excuses for my lame score.