“The FX market is like the Wild West”

I thought some fellow L2 takers would like this article during “post exam withdrawal.” I really hope CFA writes an ethics question about “banging the close”….


“Employees have been front-running client orders and rigging WM/Reuters rates by pushing through trades before and during the 60-second windows when the benchmarks are set, said the current and former traders, who requested anonymity because the practice is controversial. Dealers colluded with counterparts to boost chances of moving the rates, said two of the people, who worked in the industry for a total of more than 20 years.”

“The $4.7-trillion-a-day currency market, the biggest in the financial system, is one of the least regulated. The inherent conflict banks face between executing client orders and profiting from their own trades is exacerbated because most currency trading takes place away from exchanges.”

“By concentrating orders in the moments before and during the 60-second window, traders can push the rate up or down, a process known as “banging the close,” four dealers said."

yippie kai yay M****** F*******

Imagine my surprise.

I don’t know if “banging the close” will make it into CFA texts, but it will probably become part of the Water Cooler vocabulary from now on…

Add this to Level III curriculum. VWAP can be gamed and close can be banged