The Genocide of Bees

The unsung heroes of the agriculture we eat - bee populations are declining at an alarming rate. Chalked up to pesticides, viruses, etc but i think the biggest impact is EMF and the soon ‘5g revolution’ will decimate the population. As a child I’d have to choose every step carefully not to step on a bee - now i hardly see them.

i wish we can kill all insects.

My wife is doing her part. We have two hives in our backyard. One top-bar, and one regular box. Both very healthy and great for trees and honey. One hive started to suffer, but she re-queened it and it is thriving again. Colony collapse seems to be the real deal though.

Have to hold on to real bees until the robot bees are ready to be deployed in nature

Nanomachine self replicating bees or hacksaw. They will even take your body material and make more nanomachines. Soon you will all be the bees.

I saw this on Black Mirror. It worked out splendidly.

Was about to say. It was ok episode thoughtnot Black Mirrors best

What if reincarnation is true and this is all a plan to stop us from coming back as bees?

nah reincarnation cant be true. if it was id be a pos.

Good thing you’re not a POS Nery.

Haha I love you ohai! Up top my dude!

All the folks who don’t believe in global warming will not believe in insect apocalypse either. Sad.