The Good Wife Episode15 - SPOILER ALERT

wtf. Will gets shot in an indiscriminate shooting and dies? They couldn’t have come up with a better story than that? one of the best characters on the show ends this way?

Yeah. I’m a little worried the show will be a little less interesting now. Just the females hugging or what not.

Will was one of the best characters on the show. Alicia is the star of course. but Diane is a bit cold. peter isnt that likeable. cary is too monotone.

Apparently he wanted out of his contract. I like Cary and Peter, but Will was definitely in a class above them.

That was a great way to go out. If you have to kill off a character, do it when no one expects it. George RR Martin would approve.

Hopefully the show doesn’t jump the shark though. It’s a good one.

Anyone still watching this? This season has been great, getting settled in with a Sunday whiskey to watch this week’s episode.

I am, feel really bad for Cary this season. He did get to shg Kalinda though

This season’s a good one. Not sure about what’s happening to Cary though. Killing off/getting rid of two male leads in two seasons is pretty risky. I expect some deus ex machina type stuff to occur to get Cary off the hook. Could be really lame. Hope not…very good show.

agree. with florrick and lockhart, along with kalinda and robin. way too much estrogen floating around.

I’m still watching. One of the best shows on TV.

wouldn’t have thought that it would be a show for investment BSDs. I bet you all watch Gossip Girl

Don’t get pissy just because your government took away all your good pr0n.

I mean seriously, what’s up with that? No more fisting videos for Brits? What does that leave you?