The hardest 2 weeks

one of my colleagues (who’s a LII candidate) passed his exam and he’s surfing our floor giving chocolate in celebration of success, and i have to watch him doing so, oh god how brutal it is to wait for LIII results, what am i supposed to feel right now?

my boss would punch me in the face if I pranced around the office handing out chocolates to people.

Your company culture is suspect.

I finally put results day in the back of mind a week or two ago. Yesterday brought it right back to the forefront… absolutely brutal.

Less than 2 weeks now. Almost there…

For sure L1 and L2 results coming out 2 weeks earlier is annoying. I can’t imagine someone handing out candy after a pass , that’s more annoying to me…

Yeah, cringe at the chocolate guy. Being smart is a turn-on, but announcing how smart you are is a turn-off.

Eat some chocolate. You’ll feel better. :slight_smile:

I’ll be here all night. Tip your waitress.

I wouldn’t equate passing lvl2 or even the entire CFA program with being smart. Some of the candidates and charterholders that I have met are so dum that I doubt they are even able to tie their own shoelaces.

I can’t tie them too :stuck_out_tongue:

meh… the hardest 2 weeks were those prior to the exam date.

For now, you can just play games or do something to distract you all the way to exam results day :slight_smile:

Hardest two weeks are definitely the two before the exam. I will be doing a happy dance if I pass. Maybe even a primal scream.

We have salespeople in their 50s who never got a college degree. They have certainly had a chance, especially with online education. At least I have kept studying for this CFA despite a family.