the importance of EOC ?

It is must thing to pass on the exam to do all EOCs in curriculum book? I am now going through Schewer 2nd time with almost all of the questions. a few days later it seems to be finished. starting 2nd time reading a month ago right after 1st reading finished, I realized i barely know the contents of lv2 and almost unable to remind of the concepts when starting each chapters. So i thought it was necessary to read again with more conentration to grasp the basic contents of lv2 and it took a long time than expected (for 2nd reading). Now, almost finishing, i became a bit more farmiliar with the concepts. but not the level of memorize and remind all of the concepts and formulas - just farmiliar with and know the concepts and possible to solve Schweser level problems. i think it could be possible to have good understanding and memorization after 3rd or 4th reading and even with that it is not for the curriculum but only for the Schweser level. And now i am concerned about the fact that not yet started to see the curriculums’ EOCs at this time. When seeing once any one of the chapters’ example question and one of the EOCs i think there were lots of things still to study and a new big wall. Do i have to complete all of these? If it does, do I have to do the 1. Example questions in each chapter or 2. EOCs (only multiple questions) or 1+2 all ? I am not considering the Q bank . Just considering Schweser (with last volume for pratice exam) + Curriculum(example + EOC, or one of them) + Mock exam. Please advise me

I would say, being that you’ve gone through the material the best thing you can do right now is lots and lots of practice. Whether that’s with EoC q’s, practice exams, or Qbank. As for EoC q’s, I’ve been hearing the multiple choice q’s give you the most bang for your buck. I had a good experience with Qbank for L1. I’d imagine practice exams are great as well. The only way to really retain the material is to do practice problems and start using what you’ve learned. I think that was the best advice I received about this same time last year. Good luck.