"The industry is more technical than ever"

What does it mean by the above statement ? Normally this is statement made by most people when asked about the markets/industry today. Especially used by risk management professionals. Does it mean that

  1. Market can be approached and analysed by using technical analysis in a better way than using fundamentals? (I believe that both are situation and need oriented and both are equally good)

  2. the use and dependence of technology is more than it was ever before ? ( I personally dont feel it as a reason but…!!!)

  3. The industry is better organised and structured so there is a need for structured thinking ,and the use of models for understanding industry is prudent in most of the cases?

  4. any other reason…

I am sorry if I am making a mistake by posting it under CFA Banner(But I feel this is the most active in this forum). It must be trivial for most of you but need your help as I feel that I need to stop taking things for granted without understanding the true essence.