The injustice of the wait

My view; is that the our purgatory, can be easily explained. It is deeply personal, we put the time in, and care. Perhaps our studies were enough. Either way, the eager are proud of their effort But however deserving we might feel, someone was undoubtedly more prepared, and that candidate is forced to doubt themselves, as much, or more. For the benefit of very few. Inefficiencies that rightly are eliminated from the capital markets we hold so dear are tarnishing this designation. This system is flawed and the most deserved are the most vocal. dern it, its a long time… and its just L1

yeah its a long wait. but maybe i want the break! i’m not even sure i want to start studying for level 2 right away. my brain is mush. maybe the time off is good. and if you tarted studying for level 2 right away, whos to say that it would not help you one the level 1 if you have to take it again.

I’m definitely taking time off…no matter what - it’ll help regenerate some overused brain cells!