The Investment Decison Making process

I passed LII. Great, I am moving on to LIII. I am really worried about my experience requirement. I primarily work in Actuarial work, valuations pension accounting but do some ALM and financial counselling. How am I going to prove that pension valuation work and pension accounting (which by the way was a huge section in FSA) leads to the investment decision making process. Anyone in a similar position with any thoughts on this.

i’m more on the accounting side… check this out, right off the CFA website - items 1 and 2 seem to indicate we are in the clear…

Yes but it is item 1 under not acceptable that worries me. I do some of that work, for the last 8 years. How will I get around that

i think they’ve already indicated that “actuary” is acceptable on there - its just a matter of how you spin it - do you do any of the things listed under the “acceptable” column?

you’ll be fine.

yes, but more under the not acceptable, but I also do a tonne of pension accounting which was a huge part of FSA on Level 2. I guess I just have to spin it and see. When can you apply to see if the work experience is accepted.

Plus I also live and work in Barbados. everyone knows everyone here, there are about 10 charterholders in our local society so I really cannot stretch the truth too much cause they will easily call my boss for assurance

i’m looking at the NY form and they seem to be more hard core than the CFAI

You can apply any time after passing L1.

What if you work in an operations role inside a reputable investment bank?