the legendary Q of using 2010 material for 2011 exam

I know I know, this question have been asked 1,000,000 of times before but here is the thing, I registered for the June 2010 L1 exam, got the CFA books and bought the Schweser books too. However, I couldn’t set for the exam for personal reasons, not I’ll start studying for the June 2011. Can I still use Schweser’s? I know that if I signed for the exam again I’ll only be paying for the exam enrolment fee not the material, is that an auto option? I mean does the website recognise that I have already signed for the June 2010 and didn’t do it so they’ll ask me for the fees only? or should I contact someone from the CFA to make sure they only charge me for the fee?

it is an auto option. you sign up for the exam, the books arrive at your registered address. no choice for you. so the minute you sign up, your 2011 books are on the way.