The Legends of ProvidenceCFA & Rahul Roy


On behalf of myself, and the legendary Rahul Roy, We wish you the best of luck this Saturday for CFA level 2.

Confidence and Positive attitude are everything in life. Have both going into this exam, and it will help you succeed.


I am not a legend any more.

Province all the best.YOu rock man.

Rahul Roy is a legend.

He once scored 121/120 on Elan Mocks…


rahul roy is the chuck norris of india

Hahahahha 121/120 that heavy man. Maybe he suggested one question from his side

Breaking news out of CFAI: “Candidate Rahul Roy scores 186/120, raises MPS to 95%. Mr. Roy is only candidate to pass L2 in 2014. Best of luck next year to all other candidates.”

u guys a couple?