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Senior FIFA officials arrested in Switzerland on corruption charges, face extradition to the US.

Say it ain’t so, Sepp!

Who would have ever thought that FIFA was a corrupt organization? I’m shocked!!!

^ The shocking thing is that people have actually been arrested and are being charged with pretty serious criminal offenses. The other shocking thing is that another government (the Swiss) are actually going along with us on it.

And yet they didn’t charge Sepp…he may still escape this one.

I assume America cares because this has something to do with deflating soccer balls?


A business with such corporate governance would have failed long ago!!

^Isn’t FIFA a business?

^Sure it is, but obviously one with an inner circle not feeling responsable for other interests/stakeholders. I´d like to see Blatter lose the election, but I doubt it…

Nope, it is a non-profit registered in Swiztzerland.

But with all the money that goes into World Cup or other FIFA events, I’m sure someone is getting rich.

No, Ohai. You’re dead wrong. The NCAA is also a non-profit organization and nobody in the NCAA makes any money at all. Ever. That’s why they don’t pay their atheletes.

^Apparently the folks arrested got rich to the tune of $150MM.

What law did they break exactly? I’m sort of curious. Let’s say Brazil bribes the FIFA officials to place the World Cup in Rio De Janeiro. Since FIFA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, what criminal laws compel them to reject this sort of payment? Did they defraud some party or violate some contract?

^ US has anit-kickback laws that apply to non-profits as well. DOJ has jurisdiction to bring charges because presumably some of the money passed through US banks. As I understand it, the current charges revolve around kickbacks for marketing agreements, not awarding of the cup location (those charges are coming), so they can likely also bring charges due to the economic damages suffered by US corporations who were part of the bidding process and lost because they did not make bribes. Those companies will also have standing to bring civil suits.

The thing about it all is that they all would have been fine if they hadn’t gone and given the last games to Qatar. That was the straw that broke the camels back and brought on the fuzz.

I picture them sitting around a dimly lit bar saying, “We’re gonna take one last big score. The pot is big, our mark is Qatar.”

Oh yeah FIFA elections are on Friday! Maybe Prince Ali al Bagwa can take this? Nah.

It seems the only ones in trouble are north and South American execs.

They’re likely the only ones the US can charge, presumably money for the other officials didn’t pass through US banks. The Swiss are likely to charge many more for corruption related to the site selection process. Since FIFA is headquartered in Switzerland, they should be able to charge anyone involved.

wait, FIFA is First In First Aut right?