The longest threads

Do we have a thread about the longest threads, or threads hall of fame?..

Anyway i just realized you can order threads by ‘replies’ -

CFA general disc:

I haven’t actually counted, but in the WC, I believe the No Fap, NFL, and Music threads are the longest. MAGA is probably getting there too, unfortunately.

lol i havent read the entire thing. but hashtag is a savage. i lulz hard at the vicky comment

To everyone whos contributed to making water cooler the #1 stop for cfa related MAGA, ab licking and no fap:

“Where did the airplane go” is probably in the top 10.

Part of me feels bad for birthing this monster. The other part is like…


More importantly, the “Advice for those who did NOT pass today” needs to be the longest thread in the Level 1 forum, so it’s easier for me to wage war on the donkeys.

Help out by adding your inane, WC-style comments.

The longest thread is in the L3

with 1873 repplies.

…and I have the honor to be the man who made the 1000th comment (page 33) in the longest thread ever. :sunglasses: