the longest you had to wait to get the offer after interview...

what was the longest time you guys had to wait to finally get the offer? i know it’s usually within 2 weeks in most cases, but is it possible that the wait period can exceed usual 2 weeks? has anyone got the offer after waiting more than 2 or even 3 weeks?

3 weeks for my current job. In fact, dead silence for 3 weeks. Got a phone call with an offer almost 3 weeks to the day after the final interview. I had totally written the job off.

thanks kkent. it’s been exactly 2 weeks after the second interview with the hiring mgr and hr (probably the final one). boy, this waiting is agonizing. maybe better to just get it off my radar and move on with my life. if a big surprise ever comes, then i will deal with it.

I have been told that you never hold out for an offer. Keep pounding the pavement looking for a job. You owe that firm nothing at this point. Best of luck to you likewise. We’ve all been there and it can be agonizing.

I’m always of the firm belief that good news travels fast. That being said, you can get offers after a few weeks time for a number of reasons: 1. Another candidate rejected their offer and you were there next choice. 2. Another candidate started the role and quickly left for whatever reason. 3. The firm is doing thorough background searches on yourself through referees etc. 4. The firm may be very bureaucratic in nature and the interviewers need to seek further approval from other managers. As KJH said, Don’t stop looking for other jobs while awaiting an offer as you may find a better position elsewhere :slight_smile:

I got an offer from a consulting firm I interviewed with abuot 4 weeks after my final interview - it turns out the manager who interviewed me last went on vacation in Europe for 3 weeks and I thought that I just hadn’t gotten the job. For my current job in IB, it was almost 6 weeks before I got the offer, but I was told almost immediately that I was “on hold” - ie on the wait list.