the many FCFF/FCFE formulas

Hi. So there are many variations of these formulas that start with NI, EBIT, EBITDA, CFO for both FCFF and FCFE…

I’m pretty comfortable with the two main NI formulas for FCFE and FCFF and understand them logically… I’m pretty sure I can derive the rest from from just replacing NI with for example (EBIT-int)(1-t) etc… but i’m wondering since some of these can get kind of long and since the exam is indeed time-sensitive… do you guys just straight up memorize all these different formulas?


I just memorized two and the rest, as u said are variations.

FCFF = [NI + NCC - WCI] + Int (1-t) - FCI = CFO + Int (1-t) - FCI

Then whatever the problem throws at u, replace it accordingly. For example, if you get EBIT, then you throw that number with taxes to NI.