The Mocks

Three quick questions 1. Are they the best representation of the actual exam that we have available? 2. Which is harder–Mock 1 or Mock 2? 3. Are they similar to the sample exams in that you can’t skip any questions and can’t go back to an answer, can’t print questions, answers, etc.?

  1. yes 2) similar 3) yes, for the most part (after your first pass-through, they give you links for question numbers that you can click on)
  1. Yes 2. I thought 1 was harder, but maybe because I was less prepared and did better on 2. 3. You can skip my marking them and going back to them, but once you are done, all you get is a pdf, which has the concepts you were tested on, but they do not give you the questions. It is still useful to review from this outline, but taking screenshots and copy/pasting the questions is a violation. It is a pity because it would be a better review if we could review our questions, but it was still a great learning tool, in my opinion.

I think it’s really a bad thing they don’t make available more real historical exams. I took the FRM exam last year, and there were 4 old exams or so available on CD with the handbook. You could also purchase an additional factual exam for 15$ or so.