The Mole

Not to alarm anyone but I have received word from a credible source that CFA Institute has sent a “Mole” to post on the AF Forums. Apparently they are concerned about keeping the pass rate below 40% despite increasing candidate scores. It is believed this Mole will attempt to sabotage other posters through such methods as, asking about discontinued subjects, regurgitating questions that have already been discussed ad nausium as incorrect, as well as posting their >80% Q Bank scores. During the next 30 days you can trust no one nor can anyone trust you. That said…does anyone know where in the Schweser Tests they discuss how to calculate the Excess Margin? I know its in the CFAI Readings.

Not sure pink, what section is it in? By the way, what are you scoring in the Qbank these days? Over 80% I assume?

Pink - I know a Excess margin from the L1, if that is the one you are talking about? The Excess Margin is the extra amount kept in your brokerage account than what was needed by the initial margin or the maintainance margin levels.

I think it is itfaster.

hahah…oh yeah after that whole wrong answer deal with the Ethics rugby question! i’m with you mwvt

wart are you saying? there are moles in here?

Dsylexic Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wart are you saying? there are moles in here? I think he’s saying something we all know already: your mom’s got a mole.


jk, jk and yes i am fully aware i will probably fail for that.

well done Taleban

In case any of you missed tonight’s episode…the CFA Mole was revealed to be Dinesh! Who would have thought!!! It was quite a season and he did a wonderful job of f’ing everyone up. Just keep in mind that everything he has said to date has been total bullsh!t. Alright back to studying.

uhhh is this for real? ok jokes aside. seriously someone tell me

Yeah, I think I saw an article on this somewhere too. An official confirmation.

I’m pretty sure. I believe they made an announcement, but then it got bumped down cause of additional announcements. CFAI does not want you to pass!!!


damn you dinesh… you tactic was brilliant though… sandbag for months talking about how you are going to fail… then in the last week, BAM b*tches!!! high 70-80 scores on tests!! lol.

Slash Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > uhhh is this for real? ok jokes aside. seriously > someone tell me I’m afraid it is. This forum is actually been monitored for a new reality TV series to air later this summer on CBS. You have all been vicious pawns in this little game and Dinesh is the puppet master pulling the strings. I think the theme is something about “herd” mentality… We’ve all been following incorrect answers because he has an Indian name and is a Comp Science guru.

Finally I get caught … duh!

ok you seriously could have kept me going if it weren’t for your last post, pink funny shiit