The most efficient way to read the CFAI curriculum?

For earlier levels I used Schweser notes, but for Level-III decided to read CFAI curriculum. It’s been hardly 2 days reading it, but found there are repetitions of the same concepts many times, they go to historical background of any concept in detail (not sure if the exam would test it) and similar things those are taking more time to move faster. Have been highlighting things that I feel like coming back at the review stage.

Curious about the approach of others to read these books…

Read each one from start to finish. It sucks, but just bang the fucker out.

I had a print out of the LOS for each reading as I was going through the material. Helped me focus a bit on the sections to highlight, but in general I read through just about everything. It’s important that you know the material well enough to teach it for the morning session. Some of the background and repetitive nature of the readings helps you absorb it.

Read it cover to cover, everything is important.

That one section you skip will be in the exam.

You need to know everything…

Read it cover to cover, everything is important.

That one section you skip will be in the exam.

You need to know everything…

Read it backwards and skip every other word

just read the books , take notes, solve the EOC Qs and in the end review and exams . just like L1 AND 2.

its simple :slight_smile: good luck folks.

No easy way. Mortimer Adler’s approach may save your some time, so you can have more time to practice.

Try spending 5 mins looking at the LOS first. This could help you separate the wheat from the chaff?

I never made good use of the LOS… In hind-sight, I think structuring study around the LOS would have been much more efficient…

THIS X 1000

No shortcuts. If you’re starting now, you have plenty of time before exam. Use the curriculum and supplement with Schweser if you need to but don’t shortchange the reading. You need to see all the nuances and anticipate the tricks that CFAI may throw at you on exam day. You only get that from reading the curriculum.

Also note that they don’t just test concepts directly. A significant portion of the exam will be questions where you don’t have all information at your fingertips, or if you do, it’s presented in a different way than you saw in any problem you just solved. Or they will give you too much information and you panic because you spend too much time trying to make everything fit. Or you need to do that one extra calculation to get the input to the formula.

You only get that knowledge from the curriculum IMO for most people.

I usually do the Behaviorial Finance (last month) and Ethics (last week) in the end. It worked well for me.

Always done Ethics in the last week and have > 70% all the 2 times.

Put notes in the margins of the book (instead of using index cards). It’ll make later review go faster.

Slow and steady, cover it all