The most important message you will ever hear

This is the most important message you will ever hear. Please take a minute to listen and try to imagine it is not Alex Jones delivering the message. This is the existential question we are faced with:


I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be another Infowars post. I should know better by now.

why doesn’t he turn on a light?

“Listen to this message. But first pretend it isn’t stated by a man who thinks the world is run by pedophile lizards from the 6th dimension”.

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Ok, I actually watched over half of it on my phone out of curiosity. I’m an open minded person, generally. Based on that 15 min or so I have problems on the following statements:

  1. there is no doubt Trump will lower taxes for poor people and punish banks.

  2. Most elites’ kids are mentally ill and commit suicide.

  3. US electrical power is some of the most expensive in the world

  4. The only thing the elites are elite about is the fact that they are psychopaths. I simply don’t understand this statement, really.

  5. Coal is completely clean with the new scrubbing systems.

Probably some others, but I’m on mobile and that’s what I remember. Would you say these things are true?

TF is trolling. He doesn’t even watch the videos.

AJ is a shock jock that makes his money babbling on and on. He injects half baked conspiracy theory references between his diatribe about globalism and we are just supposed to nod and continue listening? Even if one thing he says ends up being true it does not mean that all of the crazy stuff he has said or is currently saying must be true. Even if the overarching theme of globalism being bad is true this guy is still insufferable. Get some sources of information that can speak coherently and not like a complete nut case and I’ll be glad to invest the time watching. At least the chick with the big jugs has two redeeming qualities.

you guys actually watch this stuff?

well done Turd

Then someone should delete the threads. They’re everywhere


What’s with those eyebrows? They are, like, inflamed or something. Totally distracting… weirding me out indecision


The most important message ever heard is usually one of two things:

a) Love

b) Humility

Can you please provide subtitles on Sanskrit? I don’t understand a sh*t.