the most naïve question has been already asked in the forum

Hi Guys, I have the most naïve question has been already asked in the forum. It is “what are my chances to find an analyst job in US / EU while applying for visa sponsorship from abroad?” I made Level 2 this year waiting for the results), have 1.5 year experience as research analyst in a bank outside US and Europe, before there were lots of back- and middle-office positions in banks… I have MA in economics and I am 33. Every reply (even most cynic one) is highly welcomed.

i think you will have to leave no stone unturned in your pursuit. its not going to be easy just because loads of people are getting fired. good luck right now its all about job preservation for most

Unfortunately for all of us, financials as a group are getting killed at the present. You will be cometing with people with more domestic experience that have recently been laid off, so your prospects are not so good. The good news is a year from now it should be turning around and that’s when many of us will be getting our charters.

Which country do you come from originally? Languages? What have you worked with before?

I’m going to take a wild shot and say India

^^ not a chance. someone who says ‘i made Level2’ isnt talking Indian really doubt Indians have an umlaut on their keyboards (naïve)

Well two years ago I’d have said you wouldn’t have a problem. Now… well the markets just don’t really want you.

It’s not India. It’s Israel.

crease123, “I’m going to take a wild shot and say India”…are u Indian ??

I’m not in the US or EU myself but I can refer you to a site that has a lot of job postings in the EU. You can set alerts for jobs u are interested in. Good Luck.

I justed moved to the US with the company sponsorship to get the visa and everything, but it was not easy. My friend has just moved to London, I think it is much easier to start in London, as you can apply for a working visa even before you get a job. My friend’s experience is to get in touch with a headhunter.